Frequently Asked Questions


Why are you called ‘Hognuts’?

The name was actually picked by our daughter who, being a massive fan of Harry Potter, said if there was ever a peanut butter in Harry Potter, that’s what it’d be called. The name stuck and the rest is history!

Where can I buy Hognuts Butters©?

You can find our range at our Big Cartel online store here. For more of our suppliers take a look at our Where To Buy page.

What is the shelf life on your butters?

The shelf life on all our range is a year from the manufacturer’s order. A customer receiving our butters should have at least 9 months to eat their tub by.

Are your nut butters made fresh?

Yes, every butter is made fresh from placement of order.

Can my Hognuts Butters© be microwaved?

Yes, only a few seconds is generally needed. Anything over 10 seconds can give the whey a strange texture, so we advise under 10 seconds if you prefer your nut butter warm. If you’re going to add our Hognuts Butter© to a mug cake recipe, or something similar, our nut butters are ideal and add a lovely gooey texture to the cake.

If you are going to microwave your butter, we would recommend taking out the portion you want and microwaving in a microwaveable dish.

What can I make with my Hognuts Butters©?

All sorts! Take a look at our homepage, or if you’re struggling for ideas take a peek at our Be Inspired page. You can make anything from protein cookies with our Bakin’ Butter©, pastry treats with our Shortcrust Pastry Butter, brownies, cheesecake, banana bread, proats, protein pancakes, and more!

How do I make homemade protein cookies?

It’s easy! Just spoon our Bakin’ Butter© from the tub and bake into cookies in just 12 minutes. For more about our Bakin’ Butters©, see here.

How can I be sure I’m receiving a quality nut butter?

Each batch is hand-made and quality checked by Mr Hognuts himself. He has 35 years experience in food, quality control and recipe development and is the reason we use the best ingredients available for every tub we sell.

Should I refrigerate my nut butters?

It’s not essential, just make sure you keep opened tubs in a cool place. The Bakin’ Butters© don’t strictly have to be kept in the fridge, but if you want better cookies we recommend chilling beforehand, like you would with cookie dough before baking.

Do you offer any peanut-free nut butters?

Yes, just take a look at our peanut-free range here, made with almond/cashew nuts instead.

Which nut butter do you recommend?

The Eton mess and pistachio cheesecake (the cashew butters) are our personal favourites as they taste just like ice cream when they are chilled.


Are all your products gluten-free?

Although we aim to adapt all our butters to every lifestyle, most – not all – are gluten-free. If you’re concerned about whether your chosen nut butter is gluten-free or not, take a look here.

Are your nut butters natural?

We make our nut butters as naturally as possible and all are preservative free, although some butters use plant-based sweeteners and our Bakin’ Butters© have Isomalt in them.

Are your nut butters healthy?

Yes, our nut butters are a great substitute for other fat-rich spreads and desserts. Each tub is packed full of nuts which are blended on-site and we aim to keep sugar levels as low as possible, replacing them wherever we can.

If you choose a more decadent dessert nut butter, you may find a tiny bit of sugar or butter, which is needed to give the nut butter its similar dessert taste and texture. All our ingredients are plainly laid out on our Nut Butter Products page.

Why are your nut butters so high in protein?

Because we believe that protein is so essential for muscle repair after a hefty workout, not to mention keeping you satiated throughout a long day, we throw in whey protein to every one of our nut butters. Each Hognuts Butter© has at least 5g protein per delicious spoonful.

How are your butters so low in sugar?

As each nut butter is naturally sweetened by whey protein isolate, added sugar isn’t as essential as it is in commercial nut butter products. Where possible, we add coconut sugar, but when that simply doesn’t cut it, we do add a smidge of sugar to keep the tastebuds kicking!

Which nut butter is best for me?

It depends on your diet/lifestyle, but we have nut butters which we think can suit anyone’s preferences.

  • If you prefer to eat gluten-free, try our range of gluten-free nut butters, which includes White Chocolate & Berry Pavlova, Pecan Pie, Cinnamon Bun, Birthday Cake, Eton Mess & Waffa Thin Mint.
  • If you have a peanut allergy, try our peanut-free nut butters, which includes Pistachio Cheesecake, Eton Mess & Waffa Thin Mint.
  • If you’re a vegan, we offer egg-free nut butters, which includes our Bakin Butter© and Shortcrust Pastry butter.
  • If you need food with lots of protein, check out our nut butters which you can make protein cookies with.

Which nut butter is healthiest?

It really depends on your view of ‘healthy’.

If it’s the nut butter with the lowest calories, our Waffa Thin Mint Cashew & Almond Butter has the lowest at just 89 calories per spoonful.

Although all nut butter comes with natural healthy fats, the nut butter we offer with the least fat is Pecan Pie Peanut Butter with just 5g per spoonful.

Looking for low sugar? All of our nut butters have very low sugar (around 1g per serving) our lowest sugar butters are the Bakin’ Butter©, Waffa Thin Mint, Birthday Cake & Shortcrust Pastry butter!