About Us

The Hognutters Team is one created out of necessity.
One of the founders is a chef.


The other a lover of peanut butter and all the health benefits it provides.
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Chef concluded he could make nut butters from scratch ensuring they were as healthy as possible… and after a few negotiations, Hognuts was born!
As a small business with nothing more than a few pots, pans and peanuts, it  was hard going in the beginning in a small kitchen in Yorkshire.
Initially, we started on a tiny budget, using old jam jars to pot up the first batches. After several small but incremental reinvestment and passing out samples to friends and families (which was met with great feedback) we decided it was finally time to expand.
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We make all our nut butters as tasty and as healthy as possible – we start off with raw nuts, add as few other ingredients as possible and craft each tub lovingly by hand so that every batch is as perfect as the last.
Come join the Hognuts brigade and see how good our nut butters really are! Take a look at our Products range or check us out on Twitter and Instagram, or you can email us at hognutsbutters@gmail.com!
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