How Do I Make Homemade Nut Butter Cookies?

Wondering how to use our infamous Bakin’ Butters? Get protein cookies in minutes, just stir it up & bake!
Our Bakin’ Butters are unique and incredibly popular amongst health & fitness fanatics. The butters are egg-free, gluten-free (except for Choc Salt Caramel) and very low sugar – you won’t get a protein cookie dough quite like this anywhere else!
Think you’d like to make your own protein cookies but have no idea how to do it? Will it take ages, use loads of ingredients you’ll never use again, and cost the earth? The answer is no. Here, Hognuts Ambassador & fitness expert Dave Titterton takes you through how easy it is to make your own healthy peanut butter cookies, all in under 12 minutes!
Photo by Dave Titterton
Dave says:
‘My guys @Hognutsbutters sent me these amazing new products simply take a dessert spoon out place on a baking tray and bake for 12min and hey presto protein,nut butter cookies
They taste fantastic!! I did make more but my kids scoffed them!’
There you go – easy fuss-free cookies that make post-workout that much simpler! Head over to our products page to see what our Bakin’ Butters are all about.

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